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About us

The Little Talents brings not only fun and sport to children, but our goal is also to introduce them to teamwork, let them experience the joy of winning as well as understanding that taking part is more important than winning.

Our courses take place at the Fantazie Kindergarten premises. Thanks to this the children attending this kindergarten remain in the familiar environment and team of classmates as well as saving travelling time for parents. The sport lessons are conducted in both, Czech and English language.

Children, who do not attend Fantazie kindergarten, also can use both the outdoor playground and the indoor gym with all facilities adapted for the needs and safety of the youngest children.

The groups are limited to a maximum of 10 children, which allows our coaches to pay full individual attention to each child and their needs.

Development of motor skills

One of the goals of our program is the development of motor skills, both gross and fine. Kindergarten children are beginning to discover the wider world, and targeted exercises can help them improve the coordination of the movements so much needed for this new adventure.

Age categories

Our programs are adapted for different age categories. You can choose between the Lil’ Talents for children from 2 to 4 years old and the Mighty Talents for children from 4 to 7 years old.

Best coaches

All our coaches are fit to give children the best care for future stars. We only cooperate with the best coaches, which have a comprehensive understanding of the teaching methods for early years, sports coaching, SEL, and a good level of English language.

The aim of our football training is to teach children the basic movements needed for football, social interaction and collective thinking, the basics of the English language and recognition of their own emotions.

So, what the lesson will entail?

Basic movement training
Focused games with a ball
Teamwork – Pass me the ball
New English words and nursery rhymes
Recognising and working with emotions
A calming and relaxing end to each lesson

The program also continues for school-age children. In cooperation with the FC Zbrojovka Brno team, your child will get a unique chance to become a professional athlete and play football for the premier league team.

Children will also become members of the Football Association of the Czech Republic.

As part of dance training, children will focus primarily on proper posture, stretching exercises to develop flexibility and, of course, coordination of movement. Older children will learn group dance elements, learn to work together as a team and further develop a sense of rhythm.

So, what will the lesson entail?

Basic physical training, warming up
Stretching exercises
Coordination exercise with a small ball and ribbon
Walking training with proper posture
Practicing basic dance elements from both classical and modern dance
New English words and nursery rhymes
Calming and relaxing at the end of each lesson

Vincent, the art course, is suitable for all young budding artists, for whom the simple drawing with crayons is no longer enough.

Children will learn about various art techniques and materials, from chalk and charcoal to water and gel paints for finger painting and using fimo clay.

What children will learn during lessons

Gradual acquaintance with the most common art materials
Trying different techniques for working with various colors
Large format painting at the easel
Creating own original motif on a T-shirt
Various origami shapes
Creations from fimo clay and beads
How to look after art materials

Lil Curious course prepared in cooperation with VIDA! the science center allows young budding scientists to explore the world around us, above us and in the depths.

What children will learn during lessons

How the nature changes during seasons
Various forms of water
Trees, flowers and animals around us
Where honey, milk and eggs come from
Who and how lives below the water surface
Alteration of day and night
What we can see in the sky

Children can also look forward to a visit into VIDA! the science center.

Children encounter English language every day in their kindergarten and often outside too. To introduce them to the language systematically, we prepared English lessons for the little ones.

In a playful enjoyable way using various pictures and songs the kids will learn the names of the things that surround us and later they will start composing even the first simple sentences. They will learn English vocabulary from songs, nursery rhymes and pictures.

Our goal is not only to develop their vocabulary in a foreign language, but also an awareness of what language it is in order to be able to distinguish their mother tongue from a foreign language.

Czech language is beautiful but learning it can be rather difficult and the lack of Czech language knowledge can prevent child from enjoying playing with his peers or watching Czech children’s TV programmes. Learning the correct pronunciation of specific Czech letters such as Ř and Ž can also be rather frustrating.

This is why Little Talents prepared „Czech for Foreigners“ lessons for your Lil’ ones. Czech language will be introduced in enjoyable and interesting way, using Czech nursery rhymes, songs, poems and cartoons.

Our aim is to show your kids that although difficult Czech language i salso rather beautiful and fun to use.

The course fee is CZK 2,900 per half-term.
Discount 10% available for the second child (siblings) or for children who will attend more lessons.

Lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, in your nursery school.

Our team

Petra Burianová has worked for many years in managerial positions in HR in both, international and Czech, companies. And this is where her path crossed with Edita, the second founder of Little Talents.

After the birth of her son, Petra looked for various opportunities to develop psychomotor skills that would take into account individual needs and offer a personal approach. As a child, she devoted herself to figure skating and classical ballet, so she wanted to find more than just the usual swimming lessons for children. But the options were rather limited.

It was Edita's positive experience that inspired them both to establish a company that will offer a personal approach and all-round development for the toddlers and pre-school kids, according to their needs.
Edita Kirkby is a former member of the executive boards of global and Czech companies, in which she worked for more than 15 years. She is also the mother of a 12-year-old son. Because she herself was involved in athletics since childhood, she wanted her son to also gain a positive attitude towards sports.

The positive experience with high quality sport courses for young kids in Great Britain and the lack of same in Czech Republic led Edita to the idea of founding Little Talents - organizing sport courses that will help children, and their parents, reveal their strengths and weaknesses in sports. Also helping children to find their "dream" sport they could devote to with joy and enthusiasm, without any worries or stress.


Martin Baran has been playing football since he was five years old. Later he became a captain of the 1st FC Slovácko. He also had the opportunity to play matches against well-known foreign football clubs, such as Manchester City, english West Ham and Olympique Lyon.
Most of all, Martin is passionate about coaching young children and helping them to take their first footballing steps in life.

Klára Kvapilová is a student at Masaryk University in Brno, where she studies French language. Klara is a true foreign language enthusiast and thoroughly enjoys passing her knowledge and passion for languages onto children in our English lessons for the youngest.
In her free time, Klára also enjoys horseback riding.

Michaela Mádrová has been actively involved in dance for the last 8 years. It first started with gymnastics, which was joined by jazz and modern dance.
With a team from the Danza dance school, Míša participates in several competitions every year, including the qualifications for international and world competitions. Danza team holds the title of vice-champions of the Czech Republic and their greatest success is the 7th place at the World Championships in Jazz Formations.

Monika Hojdanová. Since her childhood Monika imagined her "artistic" journey - she always dreamed of being a proper artist or writer. Then, at the age of ten, she discovered a large 700-page encyclopedia of the human body and this passion led Monika to study molecular biology and genetics at the University. In the end, however, she did not stay with the „pipettes and peas“ and instead pursued her career as a lecturer and creator of educational and training programs for children and youth at VIDA! Science centre. Monika thus discovered that the journey was actually a circle and that Little Talents also allowed her to become the "poke" that moved her further as a child.

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